Investor Partner

Investor Partner

StreetSmart Investments develops opportunities for investors interested in taking advantage of the lower risk and higher returns available through investing in commercial cash flowing real estate. 

For more information about specific projects, please complete our Investors Questionnaire.

Investors can participate in these StreetSmart projects typically in one of two ways:

DEBT:  Under our debt programs, investors loan funds to finance StreetSmart projects in exchange for fixed returns that range from 5% to 15% per year.  These loans may either be SECURED by real estate or UNSECURED (usually with a higher return).  Loan terms and periods are driven by the type of project and the project exit strategy but may range from 3 months to 5 years.

EQUITY:  Our equity programs provide direct ownership of commercial cash flowing real estate for our investor partners.  These programs have returns that are based on the property performance and include investment returns from CASH FLOW (the property’s income minus its expenses), APPRECIATION (additional returns from the property when we refinance or sell it), and DEPRECIATION (tax savings from owning real estate).  The potential returns from equity programs are essentially unlimited.  StreetSmart provides projections and detailed information about these opportunities for investors to perform their due diligence prior to investing.

StreetSmart typically structures investment opportunities as Syndications (also known as Private Placements or Regulation D offerings) and cannot publicly advertise opportunities. 

Nothing on this page or at this website should be interpreted as an offer to sell a security. An offer to sell a security will only be extended after StreetSmart qualifies the investor to participate

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At StreetSmart, we understand that investing is a team sport.    We choose opportunities where all parties can accomplish their core objectives

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