Commercial RE Acquisition

Commercial RE Acquisition

StreetSmart is currently acquiring commercial properties in growth markets across the U.S.  In the current economic environment, we focus on multifamily, self storage, and manufactured home parks because of their more robust performance in weak economies.  Our buying criteria are:

  1. •Areas with job growth and better than average economic projections

    1. Prefer major markets but will evaluate properties in smaller cities on a case by case basis

    2. Focus primarily on markets in the Southeast U.S. and, to a lesser extent, the Midwest

  2. •Size

    1. Apartments:  greater than 20 units for markets where we already own, greater than 50 units in new markets

    2. Self Storage:  greater than 50 units for markets where we already own, greater than 100 units in new markets

    3. MHP:  greater than 30 units for markets where we already own, greater than 50 units in new markets

  3. •Property condition and status

    1. All conditions – prefer property with value add through renovation or reduced vacancy

    2. All statuses – will purchase directly from sellers, from bank REOs, delinquent notes, pre-foreclosures, receivers in place, auctions, lease options

    3. Will consider development projects on a case by case basis

  4. •Financials

    1. All CAP rates considered, but typically purchase above an 8% CAP rate

    2. Purchase price will be based on actual income / expense – not pro forma

  5. •Acquisition Types:

    1. All cash

    2. Creative deal structuring

    3. Lease Options

    4. We can structure any sale to meet the objectives of a flexible seller – Call us and work something out

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